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Commercial Financing Made Easy


bundle everything you need, including new energy efficient equipment, control systems, installation, services, maintenance programs and extended warranties, into a convenient and affordable monthly payment in less than 24 hours? Fujitsu Commercial Financing provides greater financial convenience with custom-fit financing solutions to perfectly meet your company’s purchasing needs. Fujitsu’s Halcyon Mini-Split and Airstage VRF systems are some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available today. There are many commercial applications for Fujitsu systems including such markets as education, healthcare, hospitality, utilities, churches, office buildings, apartment buildings, and restaurants.

When you finance through Fujitsu Commercial Financing, you also get these additional benefits:

• Total project financing from $10,000-$500,000
• Convenient, streamlined application process
• Quick approvals, generally within 2-6 business hours

This convenient option can help Commercial Businesses in the United States move forward quickly and efficiently, providing the financial flexibility to upgrade your HVAC System to one of the most energy efficient systems in the market. Contact Fujitsu Commercial Financing today to learn more about financing options that work best for your short-term needs and long-term plans.

*Program available in the United States only